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About TLPP

Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP) is a statewide, nonprofit legal benefit plan that was founded by the State Bar of Texas and the Texas State Legislature in 1972 as an effort to better meet the legal needs of Texans.

In the late 1960′s, the American Bar Association published a study that revealed the disenchantment and frustration with the legal system and the rising costs of hiring an attorney. Once the State Bar of Texas was made aware of the study’s findings, action was taken to create a program where Texans could retain services from a licensed and participating attorney at a reduced cost. 40 years later, the Texas Legal Protection Plan continues to help Texans resolve their legal issues and better manage their legal needs.

TLPP Members can choose participating Panel Attorneys or a non-participating attorney of their choice. Benefits range from simple advice to representation with estate planning, civil or criminal actions, consumer protection, juvenile matters, divorce, adoption and so much more.