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The Simple Facts

  • TLPP is the only legal benefit program created and endorsed by the State Bar of Texas.
  • According to the Russell Study, only one-fifth of Americans have a plan for covering legal expenses that may arise. Nearly two-fifths don't have a plan and another two-fifths would have to find a way to cover legal expenses.
  • The Russell Study also showed that 7 out of 10 people experienced one or more legal life events in the past 12 months while 9 out of 10 were concerned about one or more financial or legal matters.
  • TLPP requires no co-pays, no deductibles, no cost to you for the attorney's time, gives you unlimited access to the legal helpline, comprehensive benefit coverage and membership assistance from a dedicated Member Services staff.

Voluntary Legal Benefits
          for your peace of mind


The Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP) is a nonprofit legal benefits program open to any Texan, and is the only program founded and governed by the State Bar of Texas.

TLPP allows members to protect their families and their futures by covering legal expenses the same way health insurance covers medical expenses. TLPP members choose their own attorneys from the largest network of participating attorneys in Texas, and TLPP pays the attorneys directly for all covered expenses.

Peace of mind, value and service designed for Texans. The Texas Legal Protection Plan.


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